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James Davidson from We Heart's CreateGB blog speaks to Paul about his inspirations, British creativity and the weather:

The warm innocence of Paul Shinn's unabashed comic art puts a decidedly wide grin across our collective faces".

Emmy The Great talks to Lost At E Minor about collaborating on
a series of comics with Paul:

"...we devised a story that led up to the contents of my band's next video. [Paul] Shinn works really quickly. His style is instant and affectionate, and funny. I'm really pleased with what he's done."

Natsuki Otani at Illustration Rally has written a feature on
Paul's illustration work, which also includes a short interview:

"Paul has a great eye for good characters, and he deftly brings
us celebrities, superheroes and penguins with the same irreverence and joy that shines through all his work.

Brian Warmoth at the Comics Alliance website has posted an article about Paul's use of parody and humour in his illustrations:

"Paul Shinn's unique brand of comics humor... gives onlookers everything they need to understand the scene playing out...
[and is] capable of inspiring great laughter.